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From the grain of the stone is born the enchantment of colors.


It was in mario FERRERI's studio in Fréjus that Yves CASS was introduced to lithography (from the Greek Litho, stone, and graphein, writing). It is a flat printing process that is based on the principle of repulsion of water and grease. We draw on a limestone not porous with water, using a greasy pencil that will retain the ink, while the surface of the stone will have been moistened. 
This process requires an arm press and a very elaborate technicality. 
Yves CASS made several lithos on the themes of Don Quixote, Rimbaud's drunken boat and the Taurum, which takes up the geometry of the original drawing of this monumental sculpture.

Silkscreen prints

It was Yves CASS' love of reading and his passion for literature that made him decide to honour the authors who enriched his life. He selected a dozen to make a set of screen prints and bring them together in a prestigious box in tribute to the work of these great men...

Serigraphies yves cass
coffret yves cass

The engravings

Gravure yves cass

It was as an autodidact that Yves CASS approached copper engraving, more precisely the technique of etching.  which has existed since the 15th century.

Very briefly, we cover a copper plate with a soft varnish and we engrave on it with a point to discover the metal.

The plate will then be immersed in a bath of nitric acid which will attack the exposed copper. 

litho auteurs francais

Baudelaire, Céline, Dumas, Eluard, Hugo, Proust, Rimbaud, Saint-Exupéry, Verlaine and Zola therefore make up this very closed club offered to the discovery of amateurs.

36 x 28 cm prints

in 150 copies, numbered and signed by the artist, available individually or in boxes.    

Lithographs, engravings & serigraphs

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