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The "Taurum" on the forecourt of the Forum theater in Fréjus

Earth, fire, copper, bronze and iron… These elements marked the great ages of man: It was therefore legitimate that they participate in the alchemy of my plastic creations which extend the universe of my paintings. RAKU ceramics, of Japanese tradition, recently came to enrich my work with its wonderful black white cracks.

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This work of more than 5 meters in height weighs 3.50 tons and has been standing since 2017 on its current base.

In bronze and thermo-lacquered metal, the TAURUM is the contraction of Taurus and Forum.

A kind of Minotaur who symbolizes the curse of man, in perpetual conflict between his animality and his spirituality symbolized by his wings.  

The "Colombe à la Lyre" -Espace Robert Manuel in Issambres

La colombe à la lyre Yves Cass

This is the first public order carried out by Yves CASS in 2005.

The municipality of Roquebrune s / a wanted to bring a particular sparkle to the space Robert Manuel, the famous actor of the Comedy  french  who had once been mayor of the city.

Facing the creeks of Issambres, this 6m x 6m dove is made up of an assembly of 101 bronze doves, a "sun" heart, and a lyre, barred by an olive branch.

So many dear symbols

in Provence and

his history.

Detail colombe à la lyre - Yves Cass
colombe lyre

"The hymn to life" - Aurélien school group in Fréjus

Elephants Yves Cass

Commissioned by the city of Fréjus in 2007, this work (2m x 2.30m) was produced in 2007 under  the courtyard of the Aurélien school group in Fréjus.

It is bronze, iron and aluminum (on a background of pink paving stones ) that were favored for this sculpture designed for the eyes of children. Allegory of childhood and the nativity, it is a message of hope which benevolently watches over the schoolchildren who play in this courtyard.

We will also notice the use of an African symbol dear to Yves CASS since he stayed there in the 1980s.

l'hymne à la vie
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